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SP4 Bike Pedal

SP4 Bike Pedals

The SP4 is a premium indoor cycling pedal system developed in collaboration with LOOK Cycle. The new SP4 pedal system utilizes both Stages and LOOK patents and design expertise to bring indoor riders a pedal able to accommodate nearly every shoe used in gyms or home training. The SP4 is compatible with LOOK Delta or SPD compatible cleats, or any athletic shoe when the Stages Platform Cage (sold separately) is utilized. 

Stages SP4 Pedals
Stages SP4 Pedals

Stages SP4 Pedals Stages SP4 Pedals Stages SP4 Pedals

Contains 2 pedals per order

Accommodates road style shoes with LOOK Delta cleats

Accommodates all other cycling shoes with SPD cleats

Please click here for a video on how to replace pedals.