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Therabody Wave Series Recovery Bundle


Take your recovery game to the next level. Help release soreness, reduce tension, and improve range of motion before and after your workouts with the Therabody Wave Series Recovery Bundle. What's included:

Wave Roller™

Combines powerful vibration therapy and an innovative wave texture to deliver the most powerful, efficient full-body foam rolling experience. Bluetooth® enabled, you can to connect to the Therabody app for personalized recovery routines—releasing tension and increasing mobility where you need it most.

Wave Solo

This ultra-portable smart vibration therapy device delivers pinpointed pressure and vibration to focused areas for reduced tension and improved movement. Three powerful vibration frequencies and innovative wave texture allow its ergonomic shape to work deep into hard-to-reach areas, while the innovative QuietRoll Technology™ effectively mutes sound and reverberations.

Wave Duo

Ergonomically contoured to the back, spine, and neck, this portable smart vibrating roller is a uniquely versatile rolling solution. Five powerful vibration frequencies and high-traction wave grooves work to deliver just the right angles of pressure to areas in need—releasing soreness, reducing tension, and improving movement.

Fulfilled by Theragun, Inc.