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TB12 X Equinox+ Active Recovery Gym Kit


Curated exclusively for TB12 classes on Equinox+, this kit has all of the equipment you need for functional, full body workouts that help increase blood flow, reduce muscle fatigue, and accelerate the recovery process. Complete with a Vibrating Pliability Roller, various short and long Looped Resistance Bands, two carabiners, and a door anchor, the TB12 Full Body Active Recovery Kit is the key to unlocking your body’s true recovery potential—and maximizing your results.

What’s included:

  • Vibrating Pliability Roller
  • Gray Long Looped Band (2x): 4-19lbs
  • Red Long Looped Band (2x): 7-32lbs
  • Blue Long Looped Band: 11-52lbs
  • Black Long Looped Band: 16-72lbs
  • Gray Short Looped Band: 7-33lbs
  • Carabiner (2x)
  • Door anchor
  • TB12 Drawstring Storage Bag

Fulfilled by TB12, Inc.